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Who is behind Nozbe?

Nozbe has been brought to you by: internet marketing company .

The idea and development come mainly from: Michael Sliwinski

How to post feedback?

If you have any questions, comments or feedback - feel free to post it on:

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Having some specific requests concerning your Nozbe Account?

Contact us directly here:

David Allen has been an inspiration to creators of Nozbe and many concepts you'll find in Nozbe are taken from his great book. We recommend this read:

Technology behind Nozbe?

Some folks were curious about it, so here we go. Nozbe has all the Web 2.0 technologies in place, like AJAX, which in practice means: Prototype Javascript library and Javascript effects on the client side, and good-old PHP and MySQL on the server side.

Furthermore, our PHP code is powered by our very own template system and Rails-like Controller Architecture developed by us and used already in our /content system. We were definitely inspired by Ruby On Rails, but we still prefer PHP because we have 7+ years experience with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nozbe free? How long can I use Nozbe?
Nozbe comes with a fully-featured FREE version as well as paying plans starting at only a few dollars per month. You can sign up now for free and decide later if you want to upgrade or not. You can use your free Nozbe account for as long as you like - it's all up to you.

What's the difference between Nozbe plans?
Mainly the number of accounts you can set up. All paying accounts feature unlimited projects and contexts, a multi-gigabyte file storage and a secure SSL connection.

Where can I upgrade my account?
Once you've signed up and logged in, just click on the "Upgrade" page and you'll be able to change your plan. Apart from month-to-month plans, we also offer prepaid yearly plans for those who want to save even more.