Mental Health for victim of a disaster(PTSD/Mood disorders)

◆About PTSDand ASD【First aid for children with PTSD】
◆For people who have been seeing a doctor regularly for mental diseases
【For people who have been seeing a doctor regularly for Mood disorders(depression,Type 2 bipolar disorder,etc.)】
※Also see the general cautions
1.For those taking SSRI, be sure to follow the same dosage and administration measures as before.
2.Especially for those taking Paxil, do not decrease the dose suddenly.
3.The rapid decrease of drug blood level may cause unpleasant symptoms like autonomix ataxia.
4.When having an examination by a doctor, tell them that you are taking SSRI anti-depression medicine, and that you might be under discontinuation syndrome, and along with information on the drug you are taking.
5.Give as much information as possible to the doctor about the drug you are taking even you don’t have a drug notebook(Okusuri Techo), and have the drug prescribed as soon as possibile.
6.There are no merit(advantages) in taking alchohol at evacuation centers.
Sites that provides medical informations
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