Carry-on Packing list

1) Stuff in baggage: (10 kg / 22 lbs)
Socks: 5 (0.2kg)
T-shirts: 2 (0.3kg)
Boxer shorts: 3 (0.2kg)
Turtle-neck: 1 (0.3kg)
Suit pants: 1 (0.4kg)
Suit jacket: 1 (0.6kg)
Non-iron shirts: 2 (0.6kg)
Ties: 1
Running pants + shirt: 1 (0.2kg)
Leather shoes: 1 (0.8kg)
Flip-flops: 1 (0.2kg)
Laptop-backpack (light): 1 (0.3kg)
Liquids: perfume, shower, shampoo, after-shave: 1 (0.5kg)
Electronic shaver: 1 (0.3kg)
Business cards: 100 (0.05kg)
Universal power adapter: 1 (0.1kg)
Laptop (light as air): 1 (1.3kg)
Laptop gear: 1 (0.4kg)
Laptop charger: 1 (0.2kg)
TRX training gear: 1 (0.3kg)
Samsonite B-lite 55cm carry-on: 1 (2.3kg)
2) Stuff on me:
Underwear: Socks + boxer shorts + t-shirt or polo
Corduroy Pants + Jacket
Black Nike Running Shoes
iPhone with headphones
Wallet with 16GB Pendrive, Credit Card, Debit Card, Driver’s license, Priority pass
3) Stuff optional:
Additional pocket camera
Additional (Android) phone
Winter clothes: Coat + cap + gloves
created on 28 Mar 11
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