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E-mail reminders/push notifications

I would love to see e-mail reminders added. If a task is past due, a reminder email or push notications should pop up. Also, if i delegate a task to someone, they have to log into nozbe to find it. They should get a notification email so they know that a task has been assigned to them. The biggest issue with nozbe is that i have to go to it, where i need it to come to me and remind me for certain items.

David CostaWednesday, April 6
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Delfina7 Apr 11 07:35

Hello David,

The reminders and notification will be added. They will come in variety of ways depending on devise etc.

H2orocks40007 Apr 11 16:53

I agree with this.

One thing that would be immensley helpful is being able to tell “emailine” to return a certain message to our inbox on a certain date to deal with it then.

@waiting for managment can be drastically improved by adding features to the @waiting for context we have.

1) we should be able to write a person a message via email, or call them even using a google voice like product. their should be a way to

1) check a box to have the message returned within x number of days/time period. this feature should be able to be set to “return if they dont reply within x number of days” or “return wheather they reply or not within x number of days” it would help us a lot keep abreast of items.

Joern Steinhauer22 Jun 11 18:43

Any news on the reminder stuff… it’s the only reason why i still have to use toodledo… A reminder functionality is essential…

Christine Blair23 Jun 11 18:19


Norbert Schnöde27 Jun 11 19:51

I do need reminders too. Please add this feature. Please.

Peter Mellen7 Aug 11 01:23


Peter Mellen7 Aug 11 01:23

Any idea on when this will be added?

Zlatko Zmijarevic8 Aug 11 07:32

If I recollect reminders were to be added in sync with the launch of “Emailine”....Any news on that front?

Delfina8 Aug 11 09:51

Emailine has been suspended that’s why the notification were added to Nozbe directly. Reminders are still on the planned list.

Joern Steinhauer5 Oct 11 13:00

Any news to that … ? Reminders are the only reason, why i don’t use nozbe for all my tasks but have to use toodledo instead… PLEASE, add reminders for tasks… that’s one of the things, i use a taskmanager for… it should remind me to important things i have to do…

Petra Lewis8 Oct 11 14:26

but is there a choice of when and if you get a notification? I see them on my iphone but not sure when I get them and how long before task is due.

Marcus Platt9 Oct 11 09:48

From my experience notifications appear at Noon (12:00) for tasks that are due on the following day. Tasks with a due time? Im not sure how it handles that as I don’t use it.

Ideally I’d like to see a morning email ‘tickler’ of my due task and started tasks.

Michael Koehler10 Oct 11 15:13

I find the reminders less than helpful. I have a lot of recurring items that are day of week specific, and as they all fall on the same day I have to deal with a long line of reminders on the day before. I have turned them off for that reason. I tickler email would be much better.

Anant27 Nov 11 02:59

Any update on reminders? Needed desperately, only thing keeping me from shifting from toodledo to nozbe. Thanks!

Delfina28 Nov 11 08:46

At this moment there are reminders available on the iPhone and iPad apps. They are preset to 1 hour before event in case of those tasks with specified date and time. In case of whole day events the reminders appear at noon of the day preceding event.
For the other applications 1st changes are to be expected to take place on the Desktop apps.

Peter Mellen15 Oct 12 17:42

I would really like to see email reminders when a task is due on a specific date. I just can’t trust the system without them. I don’t get a chance to look at Nozbe every day, and there are some tasks where the date really matters.

Peter Mellen15 Mar 13 20:55

Still waiting for this! How much longer?

Bruno Assumpcao19 Mar 13 09:48

This is the feature that I miss most from Nozbe

Sergio21 Jun 13 19:24

It’s been over two years now. It would be good to know if email reminders will actually be added…

Roland12 Aug 13 21:40

I used Astrid, wich had a very good reminder. Would like to use nozbe now, but i won´t do this, until no reminder is integrated. PLEASE: Add it.

Tom Mueller1 Sep 13 11:21

Agree that email reminders would be a big plus; they’d also provide something of a Tickler file functionality. Maybe use Evernote Reminders somehow??

Paweł21 Oct 13 10:51

Any chance for email notifications?

Robby Elia11 Nov 13 16:04

that was 2011: Delfina wrote: “Hello David, The reminders and notification will be added. They will come in variety of ways depending on devise etc.”

would love to see that happen – feels the only thing I’m missing here. And maybe more color options for projects (i.e a bigger color palette for each color to mark projects under a similar subject better !

many tx

Caryn Vainio13 Jan 14 20:07

Any news on this? This is the one critical feature missing for me from Nozbe. In order to be reminded on specific days/times or locations, I have to duplicate entering a task from Nozbe into something like iOS reminders or my calendar. This is cumbersome and wastes time.

Dimitri Trembath29 Jul 14 19:55

Has there been any further development on email reminders/push notifications? Wunderlist does this and I’ve found it very helpful.

Iwona 30 Jul 14 06:09

Hi Dimitri, we have push notifications for iOS devices and OSX desktop app at the moment. Push notifications and email reminders can be set in these apps in the account settings. For other apps this feature will come with 2.X version.

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