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Press Materials:

Press Inquires: email Michael at this domain.

Nozbe Web Blog:

David Allen has been an inspiration to creators of Nozbe and many concepts you'll find in Nozbe are taken from his great book. We recommend this read:

As seen on:

new GTD web app that keeps it simple

"...when I saw Nozbe, I smiled. Here's an application that gets the essence of David Allen's approach exactly right in the browser..."

"...If you're a GTD practitioner, comfortable with the idea of moving your stuff into the cloud, and looking for a very lightweight tool that does the basics without a lot of bling, take a look at where Nozbe is headed. See if you don't get a smile on your face too..."

Marc Orchant, ZD Net

recommended GTD web application by Lifehacker

"Nozbe is a solid online organizer specific to GTD."


one of top 11 web apps of 2007

Modeled on David Allan’s "Getting Things Done" approach, Nozbe aims to be the ultimate GTD app. With easy-to-add next actions associated with contexts and projects, Nozbe comes pretty close!


great web-based application for getting things done

"Here's a great web-based application for getting things done. This is definitely one of my favorite web-based GTD systems...."

The Optimized Life

GTD at its essence

"A new online application, Nozbe, describes itself as 'Simply Get Things Done!' It lives up to its tag line, showing a lot of promise for an early beta."

"Why? It gets to the heart of the matter... projects, contexts and next actions, without forcing the process down the user's throat."

Judi Sohn, Web Worker Daily

a great choice

"Folks using the Getting Things Done system who want a webapp built to store information just the way The David intended, Nozbe looks like a great choice."

Gina Trapani, Lifehacker

Definitely worth checking out...

"Definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a new online system. And since it's free to sign up, what's your next action? Go! Sign up!"

What's the Next Action Blog

...if you've been looking to get more things done.

"Nozbe looks like a solid entry in an already crowded market. Worth a look if you've been looking to get more things done."

etc: quick links to good stuff

...tried most of these [web applications], but have settled on Nozbe.
"I've tried most of these [web applications], but have settled on Nozbe. GTDInbox for Gmail helped, but I need to get "out" of my email client to think rather than continually respond to whatever comes in. I've tried RTM and Stikkit, as well as Basecamp. I don't like having to "bend" a product to make it fit the GTD paradigm. Nozbe is simple, uncluttered, browser-based and has a mobile app so I can manage my projects, contexts, and next actions from wherever I happen to be. Michael is very responsive to questions and requests and is adding new features at a consistent pace."
BarryMcBride just keeps getting better!
"I'm a huge fan of David's book and the GTD-system, and fell in love with Nozbe the first moment I found it 6 months ago - I'm actually really not missing anything - I think Nozbe is complementing the GTD-system in a great fashion! And the best part, it just keeps getting better! You're really putting your heart and soul into Nozbe, and it shows..!"
...a promising service for the GTD community.

"The thing I really dig about Nozbe is the fact that you can work in contexts (not just in projects like most task organizing programs), and you can also only view your next actions on one screen. This captures the true essence of GTD..."

Glen Stansberry, LifeDev

GTD fan will intuitively feel at home with it

"...any GTD fan will intuitively feel at home with it. Very simple to use, very approachable and easy to understand...."

Chris Kasten, Solo Technology


"...I've tried various web apps, Tiddlywiki layouts, and other web-based & non web-based methods for GTD but have never been 100% satisfied yet. Nozbe seems to pull together all the aspects of GTD nicely...Nozbe is still in early beta testing and I've only gotten to play around with it for a short time so far, but from what I've seen, it looks great!..."

Chris Kasten, Solo Technology

fine balance

"...What I like about Nozbe is the fine balance between manual and automatic....."

Jorn Stoylen,

one stop spot, for all of your GTD recording needs

"...You could make this your one stop spot, for all of your GTD recording needs. It has just about everything that you would need, and want in a GTD tool...."

Jake Dahn, Center Networks

Vale la pena

"...Nozbe vale la pena si estás buscando una solución en Internet y ¡ademas es gratuita!..."

Jeroen Sangers, El Canasto

Recomiendo echarle un vistazo

"...Recomiendo echarle un vistazo porque es muy interesante, yo lo estoy probando y me sirvió para organizarme con las cosas que tengo que hacer...."

Tech Tear

Nozbe est celui qui correspond le mieux a ce que je recherche

"Lors de l’élaboration de différent projets, j’ai eu l’occasion de tester différents produits dans la même veine comme Basecamp et Voo2do et j’avoue que Nozbe est celui qui correspond le mieux à ce que je recherche pour ce genre de produit...."


People like Nozbe quite a lot. On Sunday, 12th February 2007, Nozbe even made it to home page! Here's a screenshot:

Nozbe on Delicious Home page

Nozbe also made it to home page on Friday, 16th February 2007!